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27th January 2005

1:32am: aqua teen boredom fork
I totally got home tonight at an incredibly early time of 10:00!! which makes for lots of boredom and random "hey I'm going to partake of adult swim things" moments. including playing that heinously difficult, annoying, and addicting "headgames" aqua teen game on adultswim.com. (play at your own risk) I also mocked my parents alot and said clever things. woo for me.
you'd think I could find important or productive things to do with my spare time, but alas, not.

delma night was fun. we should do that again.

I just found out that the sweater I thought was merrino and acrylic is actually silk and cashmere. who'd have thunk. 9 bucks for a silk and cashmere v-neck. praise allah!!

I will go smoke now. beeitches!

10th December 2004

12:20am: wtf? update? what? shit!
stolen from emily who stole from manda who stole from somebody else. :P

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Current Mood: creative

28th October 2004

7:46pm: hey

Current Mood: amused

23rd October 2004

6:33am: heh,oops.
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11th August 2004

8:16pm: at least I'm a sexy thief (apparently)
I stole from emly again.

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woo for stuff. and man I'm an expensive lay.

work is so the evilest thing ever.
almost 10 lbs is a good thing though, I have no clue how I got so chubby all-of-a-sudden. evil food and stress. AGAIN! I can blame work!

oh well, in a bit I get to go extend my gut some more with angie, and that'll be good fun.
<3's and hatchets
Current Mood: apathetic

10th May 2004

9:56pm: haha, weee. I stole from pote and emly
quiz funCollapse )
9:41pm: D:

can it stop raining now please? thanks. someone give me an umbrella, or a ride. poopies.


8th May 2004

6:27pm: I stoled stuff from emlys. I jerk.
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5th May 2004

6:21pm: eh, whateva
asecondchapter's Word Usage
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12:46am: mercury ruin: how are you?.
tra velsiz ed me: drunkish.
mercury ruin: heh, otherwise?.
tra velsiz ed me: got myself a nice bottle of 80 proof liquor.
otherwise? tired and overheated.
tra velsiz ed me: brb.
mercury ruin: !
you have plans, i see.
tra velsiz ed me: plans to watch adult swim and eat a pizza pocket? yes...
mercury ruin: you glutton..
tra velsiz ed me: how dare you! I'm a hedonistic alcoholic, not a glutton. *white glove slap*.
mercury ruin: "this means war"

time to sob into your hands and run.

comedy gold? or am I just too drunk to know any better?
Current Mood: drunk

26th April 2004

8:04pm: opinions opinions, who's got the opinions?

everyone give me opinions on this as a promotional piece. and don't steal the idea or I'll impale you on a churro.

most importantly, if you ran a business and saw that, would it drive you to find out about us? and don't project that you're an old person, it's pointed at indy bands and young people in the entertainment industry, extreme sports, and general retail/creative.

6th April 2004

8:55am: ah, yes, mario. fat, short and hairy.

:: how nintendo are you? ::

and, here's some more junk

where junk = pictures of myself and other random things. like I post anything of substance these days?Collapse )
so, works going alright. someone make me not poor. please?
and I don't want to be fat anymore.... and yes I know I'm whining emily... you can take my food.

hrm. and I wish I weren't sick. blech.
oh well, back to work.

17th December 2003

2:26pm: haha
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16th December 2003

6:41am: physician, heal thyself.
I wonder if any of this is going to end up making sense tomorrow, or to anyone but me...
it's seriously just so strange to sit here and realize I'm working more productively whilst having an involved introspective heart-to-heart with myself than when I'm focused on the task at hand. I'm having such a strange night in general, my mood... moods, have just been all over the place, and I know I was annoying emily to NO end earlier. I realized though, just a few minutes ago, that I have absolutely no clue where I'm going, and that scares the fuck out of me. it's not so much that I'm afraid of what I'm going to do, or what I've done in the past, I'm just afraid of what I might not do in the future. and I've no clue why I can't get myself to do what I want so badly to accomplish sometimes.

I've been noticing alot more lately, just because I live with someone whom I clash with on a regular basis (and get along with better than anyone else), that I have a really odd pattern of emotional states. it's not just odd because it's up and down, it's just, like I said, all over the place. and I can't place, for the life of me, with all my introspective insight and experience, what the fuck is going on inside sometimes.
it's almost like some huge biblical struggle that no one notices. and it's not so much a clash of good and evil, or right and wrong, though it may be order and chaos, it's most like I'm struggling to hold myself together... no, not to hold myself together, because I'm not afraid I'm falling apart, it's more I'm struggling to PUT myself together. struggling to fit the two pieces together. the order: the strength, the practicality, the judgement, the knowledge, the love, the forgiveness, the kindness, the skill, and the self-control. and the chaos: the unrelenting emotion, the passion, the energy, the beauty, the fire, the rebellion, the power, the spontaneity, the confidence, the creativity, and the freedom. a deep blue and an acidy yellow. and somehow, it seems as though the farther I feel from united at any given time, the next moment I've never felt closer. and when it comes down to it, I suppose that's me. and it's the struggle that makes us strong, it's the struggle that makes us who we are.
Current Mood: awake

10th December 2003

1:24pm: oh yeah, and..
I forgot
click here. it's funny. promise.
Current Mood: sore

18th November 2003

4:54am: hahahaha. whoops?
Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

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16th November 2003

4:50am: oh you know what I found?
willard movie website

yeah, you can get the ben video there. do it.
Current Mood: awake

15th November 2003

11:59pm: dude
I am freezing my effing butt-off.
and the power went out, it sucked. it just came back on, it was out, like, on my little street only, for like, 2+ hours. (sorry for disappearing andrea)
and yeah, man. it's been awhile since I've updated this thing... I'm moving, again... what's with me always moving? I'm such a freaking vagabond, but this time I might actually have a NORMAL JOB. it's been awhile since I've had one of those. it'll be weird to have enough money to survive. but yeah, I'll be moving to boise, next weekend, and I'll be living with memoly, which will be way awesome. I'm definately looking forward to the whole thing.

hmm, I've suddenly run out of writing steam. I'll update this again soon, I swear.

everyone should see the movie Willard. asap. and then find the song and music video "ben" by crispin glover. unless you don't like crispin glover, in which case... you need to be fixed to like him, and then do the afformentioned.
woo for obtuse creepy white guys

ta ta

25th September 2003

5:24pm: dude, I'm supposed to say this.
mary lives close but doesnt live close enough. and than say I NEED COFFEEE

wait... that's not right... oh well.

11th September 2003

3:53am: a face full of knuckles for the first person that says his voice isn't awesome
don't you hate when a song makes you wish you were in love?
I'm starting to forget what love feels like, and I don't like it. in fact I hate it, but not much choice huh? that's life I guess.
maybe this is just what it means to be a grown-up. heh.
perpetual disconnection.
Current Mood: tired

31st July 2003

10:14am: whoah.... now.... wait, what happened?
hooollllllyyyy crap.
all I have to say, is... billy jack two-eagle....

wow that was insane....
excuse me for a second, I have to go come to grips with reality.

25th July 2003

8:48pm: wow, can I die? please?
holy fuckin cow today sucked.
yes, holy cow. fuck you.

self destruction... ho! *puffed chest, strident jawline and extended chin**american flag waving in background*

11th July 2003

3:06am: hi
I think I'm at the end of my rope. really. I don't have a clue where I'm going from here and I'm emotionally thrashed.... I need to go abuse some substances.
I love this whole slow suicide bit, it's really my deal, and the more I can be not in my head the better I'll feel.

I will write something significant and informative sometime soon, if I have a place to update from, anyway. wee.
don't post with sympathy or I will crush your fucking skull. kthnx pay at the first window.

24th June 2003

12:08am: update now
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